One Year of Directing Classical Conversations – Without a Community!

Last year was an interesting year for us as a family. We deregistered our kids from school and then started homeschooling using the classical, Christian curriculum called Classical Conversations (CC). CC is a homeschooling programme that works best in community so as soon as we decided on the programme, we got to work looking for … More One Year of Directing Classical Conversations – Without a Community!

Extra-Curricular Activities – How to Decide?

Depending on how you organise your week, you will usually find some time in your children’s schedule to fill with extra-curricular activities. And these days, there are a plethora of excellent activities out there that you can get your children involved in. From swimming to taekwondo, music lessons, art and coding classes to gymnastics and … More Extra-Curricular Activities – How to Decide?

Quiet Time

I tried my best to delay it, and that worked for a while. But then one day, they all dropped their naps, and I was just about ready to weep and give up on this thing called Motherhood! Naptime was an essential part of my day and schedule. It was when I rested, when I … More Quiet Time