Extra-Curricular Activities – How to Decide?

Depending on how you organise your week, you will usually find some time in your children’s schedule to fill with extra-curricular activities. And these days, there are a plethora of excellent activities out there that you can get your children involved in. From swimming to taekwondo, music lessons, art and coding classes to gymnastics and … More Extra-Curricular Activities – How to Decide?

Quiet Time

I tried my best to delay it, and that worked for a while. But then one day, they all dropped their naps, and I was just about ready to weep and give up on this thing called Motherhood! Naptime was an essential part of my day and schedule. It was when I rested, when I … More Quiet Time

Autumn is upon us.

October came and brought with it a drastic change of weather. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we were fanning ourselves because of the heat and splashing in our plastic pool in the backyard. Then suddenly, the clocks turned, the days started getting darker earlier, and it was beginning to get cold. We … More Autumn is upon us.

Perfect Peace

I was writing in my journal this morning and realised that I felt very anxious about the day and week ahead. It’s Monday morning, and I have many things to plan and think about it. Everything came at me like an avalanche: organising my day/week, my fears and anxieties about upcoming events and activities, the … More Perfect Peace