We are a Christian, homeschooling family of six living in London, United Kingdom.

My husband is British and works as a Manager for a finance company here in London. He plays the piano and sings, and in his spare time, loves to write poetry and to formulate frameworks and strategies for solving entrepreneurial problems! He enjoys a good cup of coffee and loves to give a lecture or two about their single or multi-origin (read: coffee snob!).

My name is Teresa, and I’m from Sri Lanka. My parents moved to the Middle East when I was 4. I love structure and routine, reading books and cups of tea. I’m also a bit of an introvert and love my home spa time (hiding in my room in the dark, sometimes with a book and some tea).

My husband and I stumbled upon the idea of homeschooling back in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where we lived for many years. Dubai is a special place for us for a number of reasons: we met there, got saved and married there and started our small family there as well.

We have four rambunctious children who are currently 5, 7, 8 years old and a newborn baby boy. They were at one point 3 under 3, and that was definitely a challenging time for us! My first-born is an empathetic and hard-working boy who loves to read. My middle son is a kinesthetic learner who loves to be either jumping, wrestling or riding his bike. My third is a precious little girl who is obsessed with unicorns and is currently learning how to read. In August 2021, I gave birth to a precious little son.

In 2019, we moved permanently to London, UK. Along with the pandemic that occurred early in 2020, it has been an interesting year for us so far. One of the benefits of staying at home during the pandemic was the ability to test out homeschooling. After much thought, prayer and discussion, we realised this was the route we wanted to take to educate our children.

Please join me as I blog my way through our homeschooling journey.

And welcome to the Marles Schoolhouse!