Merry Christmas 2021!

Merry Christmas to you from our family to yours! This year has been challenging and yet a blessing,Hard work, yet peaceful,Stressful at times, yet joyful.I have felt pushed to the limits, yet have felt unspeakable peace and joy. We welcomed the arrival of our fourth baby, a beautiful bouncy baby boy.We experienced snow for the … More Merry Christmas 2021!

Advent 2021 at our Home

Advent and Christmas was always a special time growing up as a Christian kid in the Middle East. The anticipation and the expectation of the birth of Jesus, nostalgic Christmas carols, well wishes and season greetings everywhere, gorgeous middle eastern “winter” weather, midnight church service on Christmas eve, smells of cinnamon and baked treats and … More Advent 2021 at our Home

We joined a Classical Conversations Community!

It had to happen. We finally bit the bullet and joined a local Classical Conversations Community two months ago in October. In September 2020, we had joined CC after much research on homeschooling approaches and philosophies. I trained to be a director and we started a new community in our local area. We were hoping … More We joined a Classical Conversations Community!

Arrive! – Homeschooling the Third Trimester and the Arrival of Baby

This is part three of a 3-part series on Pregnancy and Home Education. Click here for part one and part two. The first half of the Third Trimester was pleasant and enjoyable. We had an unusually short spring and summer though in London. It felt as if summer was desperately trying to break through but alas, … More Arrive! – Homeschooling the Third Trimester and the Arrival of Baby