Perfect Peace

I was writing in my journal this morning and realised that I felt very anxious about the day and week ahead. It’s Monday morning, and I have many things to plan and think about it. Everything came at me like an avalanche: organising my day/week, my fears and anxieties about upcoming events and activities, the … More Perfect Peace

Welcome to our new homeschool community in South-West London

Are you looking for a homeschool community in South-West London? If so, read on 🙂 Next week I launch a new Classical Conversations community in my home in Chessington. When I say “community” I use the term loosely, right now it comprises of my kids and me! Who are we exactly? My name is Teresa, … More Welcome to our new homeschool community in South-West London

Eternal Rewards

I love rewards. Especially after a job well done, there’s nothing sweeter than a reward: a commendation, a pat on the back, a gift maybe – if I’m being honest 😊 When I became a Christian and started reading my Bible, I was fascinated to know that Jesus spoke a lot about heavenly rewards.  Granted, … More Eternal Rewards