Ed Emberley drawing books

I first heard about Ed Emberley when I did a random search for “drawing books for kids” on Amazon.com. His books have a lot of good reviews. Then I saw that The Artful Parent had also used one of his books with her daughter with success. The book is short with few pages (about 32) and also, it’s not expensive. I decided to buy the book of drawing animals and used it with my three kids.

I love how it starts easy and progresses slowly to more complicated drawings. I tried to reinforce the fact that they could draw anything if they knew how to draw basic shapes. This is what Ed Emberley says in the first page too.

I drew along with the kids (we did about two pages a day together) and I noticed that the kids sometimes took the book to draw by themselves during quiet time.

Personally, we have loved using the book and I felt it has been a nice, fun introduction to drawing for the kids. It’s made them think that yes, they can draw and I think we will probably use it as a reference book later on when we are drawing animals.

I plan to buy the book “Faces” and “Make a world” later on as well.

Here are some of the things we have drawn, the first set are by my 6-year-old.

By the 5-year-old.
I drew this one! What do you think? 🙂

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