Some Arts and Crafts we have done

I thought I would write a quick post of some of the interesting activities we have been doing from The Artful Parent. Below is a list of some of the stuff we have done and enjoyed:

 ActivityLinkResources needed
1Painting rocks in egg cartons, acrylic paint
2Crayon Resist,, any paints
3Flower crowns, paper
4Challenge drawings
5Snow painting, paint
6Animal bookmaking animal pics
7Painting with yarn,
8Painting tiny
9Painting around holes
10Body Tracing art
11Collage art paper
12Frugal sticker art, paints
14Painting heart cookies colour
15Glitter glue art glue
16Glue resist art
17Wax resist painting,, wax paper
18Drawing prompts, 
19Hole Challenge Art stickers
20Shaving Cream marbling cream
21Doodle cubes
22No cook playdough, of tartar, flour, oil
23Yarn paintings

And here are some more pics:

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