Supreme Objective

In my last post, I mentioned some of the books that helped me gain a better understanding of the Classical and Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. I also read Lou Priolo’s book “Teach them Diligently” where he discusses how to use the scriptures in child training.

In Chapter one, Priolo starts off by presenting a question. He asks, “What are you trying to accomplish as a parent? What is your objective?”.

He then relates that the answer is found in the Bible. I read the following passage in his book and felt deeply moved. I want to make this my objective as well in homeschooling my children:

“The supreme objective you should have for your children is the same objective the Apostle Paul had for his spiritual children – that they be conformed to (gradually changed into) the image of Christ.

My children, with whom I am again in labour until Christ is formed in you… Galatians 4:19

Yes! This is my desire, my objective and my goal for my children too. I love the reference to being in labour, it makes me realise that it will not be easy. Labouring involves toiling, striving and putting in a lot of effort through prayer, persistence and hard work.

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