The Start of 2020

We had a fairly uneventful start to the year 2020. It was very cold and wet in London. So cold that going out without gloves was unbearable. I witnessed many rainbows (and glorious double rainbows) and some breathtaking sunrises during this time. Some of these views were just from our front door! Our local nature reserve was muddy and wet, so we only ventured out with jackets and boots.

I cooked and baked up a storm: banana cakes and cupcakes, gingerbread men, pancakes, Sri Lankan tuna patties and sausage rolls!

We were still on our Trim Healthy Mama eating lifestyle so I also made keto garlic bread, lamb koftas, Thai chicken curry with cauliflower rice, Indian butter chicken with cauliflower rice, low-carb shepherd’s pie and sweet potato fries. I even attempted to make sourdough bread and used the sourdough starter to make pizza bases. Sadly, I still haven’t managed to bake a successful loaf of sourdough bread 😦

For sweet treats, I made Trimtastic chocolate cake (to celebrate my husband’s birthday), keto gingerbread men, keto cinnamon rolls, cottage berry whip and Raspberry Secret Agent Cake.

One of our favourite keto recipes was the Pecan Shortbread cookies…oh my! paired with some Yorkshire tea, it was our favourite treat…maybe ever!

School re-started after a short winter break and my kids and I were back on our routine and school runs. My husband’s contractual work came to an end in December and he was back to job hunting full time at the start of the year.

Life went back to a routine again.

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