The Pandemic (Covid-19) and Spring in London

Lockdown measures were implemented in London on the 23rd of March. It was a strange time. Schools closed, churches closed, playdates ceased, and public transportation was reduced among other things. It was also a peaceful time at home with the family. I didn’t realise how much I needed the rest. Rest to be just at home: not having my calendar full to the brim, not having to do a million school runs in a week, not having to catch a bus or go anywhere or meet anyone. There was peace inside our home even though it was absolute chaos outside.

I was glad for technology. It kept me connected to family all over the world and kept me abreast of the news outside. I was glad to have my husband at home although we were sad because he had two jobs interviews lined up and now both were put on hold because of the outbreak. The employment situation in London was only going to get worse.

However, on the positive side, I had my kids at home and we quickly got into another routine. It wasn’t a survival routine (lol) like the ones I make for half-term or Christmas breaks i.e. just enough activity to help me survive the holidays. This time it was different. I knew that we had no idea when the kids would be back at school again and that perhaps for quite a while, they would be at home. The school started sending learning packs to do at home for each child as well, so we had plenty of things to do.

The first couple of weeks were blissful: so much family time. I soaked it all up. We had been running and working so hard before making a major move to the UK from Dubai and even when we arrived in London, we were busy from the get-go. I was so grateful for this time of rest, peace, solitude, and family time.

It has been a wonderful experience at home for my husband too. It’s been a blessing for him to spend more time with the kids and to relate more to them. He has felt more involved in their lives and we’ve had more meals together too.

When it was advised that we could go out for exercise once a day, we used that opportunity to explore our nature reserve and golf course more. We spent many wonderful evenings there – playing with sand, rolling down hills, looking at fawns and horses, feeding ducks, picking pinecones, playing in a small stream, smelling bluebells, identifying flowers and leaves, and chatting. We even had a mini Easter sunrise service as a family on Easter morning with freshly baked cinnamon rolls!

The nature reserve was suddenly alive in Spring and it was breath-taking to behold.

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