School Restarts

I love this picture of the kids. I went to pick them up after school and surprised them with freshly baked blueberry muffins and warm chocolate milk in a flask. We went to a nearby park to sit on a bench and eat our muffins. This was early February and as you can see, it was still very cold. They played in the playground for a bit, climbed some trees and even found some earthworms.


The school has been wonderful in many respects – the headmistress has been lovely, patient and understanding, all my kids have amazing teachers and they have loved their school experience so far. They made friends, took part in Christmas plays and other events and enjoyed sports.

I won’t discuss the pros and cons of public schooling here as there are many blogs out there that talk about this. Suffice it to say that the school had been an incredible blessing to us thus far and we thanked God for it.

I will mention though that one factor we were concerned about was the introduction of Relationship and Sex education. It was going to be introduced and made mandatory in September 2020 and as Christian evangelical parents, it was something that we were concerned about. We decided to meet the headmistress to discuss how this new curriculum would be implemented and what would be taught to the students. She was very understanding and advised that she would be creating a forum where parents could come together to discuss these issues. We left the meeting content but wary nonetheless, knowing that if it got to a situation that was not favourable for our family, we always had the option of homeschooling.

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