First glimpse of the Homeschool

I was not homeschooled as a child, and neither was my husband, but we first came across this “mode” of education when we were living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The church we went to in Dubai had several families that homeschooled their children. It was my first exposure to homeschooling. I was very curious especially since many of the families were close friends. When we went to dinner at my homeschooling friend’s homes, I was intrigued. I noticed that the children were well-spoken, and they engaged in adult conversation (which their parents seem to encourage). They were well-mannered and polite, they helped to set the table and clear up. They seemed like mature, educated young people!

After I had kids and when I felt like it was time, my husband and I both decided to put our kids into a nursery near our house. I had 2 kids at the time: a 2-year-old and an 18-month old and I was pregnant with my third (baby girl). Yes, in case you are wondering I had 3 kids in 3 years. Nursery costs were fortunately covered as education allowance at my husband’s company and I desperately needed to get some rest time while pregnant.

My sons loved going to the nursery. I have many pictures and videos of their time in their classrooms, of field trips and Christmas events. My kids were thriving, and we knew nursery and school were the best choice for us as a family.  

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